After some reading and talking and learning from life I found some gems that I recorded in my journals in the early days. I didn’t give credit to the original author in most cases and some are my thoughts with no way to separate them out, sorry. They appear here in no particular order.

Let the daily tide leave some deposit on these pages as it leaves sand and shells on the shore. This is a calendar of the ebbs and flows of the soul and in these sheets the waves cast up pearls and well as muds.

Isn’t shade as sought after as sunshine, night as day? Why must we always be eagles and hawks, why not owls and whipper whills?

Walking in seasons is a science.

When the trail to my camp is snowed in and blocked it is not I who am snowed in but you who are snowed out.

Do not seek a living seo much as a life.

How much does a goose cost? How much to hear his concert?

The faster one travels, the quicker one gets there, the less one has seen.

There are no neutral moments in the mountains.

When you are lonely you are insulting yourself, you are the most exciting person alive.

Our misfortunes are our own mis-thoughts.

Peace is not passive, Peace is energetic, Peace is so energetic that it is rarely attained by man.

The greatest hights are reached by those who have reached the greatest depths.

Every thought  of love you send is magnified and comes back again. Every flower you give away takes root and grows another day

When you wipe away a tear you’ll find a smile was always there. hopes and dreams and sighs and fears are all a part of the growing years. Have faith in all you do wether things are right or wrong love has power to overcome and make your life a joyous song. Know each man has deep inside a place where God himself abides. Help your brother find the spark, you’ll light a candle in the dark. Give love in all you do and love will come back to you.

The conquerer of man is powerful. The conquerer of self is stronger still.

A clever one turns great troubles into small ones and small ones into nothing at all.

it isn’t the parts of the Bible that I don’t understand that bother me, it’s the parts that I do.

One can only reach the dawn by traveling through the night.

To be content with little is hard, to be content with much is harder still.

To be lost is to see better what everyone else has passed up.

Some of us count silence as one of their greatest fears, I count it as one of my greatest joys.

It feels good to say “I know the Manistee” or “I know the Au Sable” but of course  don’t What you know is yourself and these places are friends that helped you get there.

It takes an extremely high degree of refinement to lead a life of un-refinement.

These pages are windows and windows are for seeing throu

The oldest is also the newest.

Play for more than you can afford to loose and you will win.

The search is for a wilderness of land to match the wilderness of the heart.

It is better to do something yourself, poorly than to watch someone else do it well.

Peace is not passive, Peace is energetic, Peace is so energetic that it is rarely attained by man.

Those who know the price of everything are usually ignorant of their value.

My guide said, “love your enemy” so I obeyed him and loved myself.

I love being a writer but the paper work really bothers me.

Every time I get my act together the curtain goes down.

The most solid stone of the structure is the lowest on the foundation.

Life can be like honey licked from a thorn.

A true hermit goes into the wilderness to find, not loose himself.

You can never truely be lost, it’s just that sometimes you don’t know where you’re at.

Joy is to walk with the woods not in them.

What wil be withdrawn is first added and what will be added is first withdrawn.

To travel is better than to arrive.

Just as the storm comes and the storm goes, so to will the clouds of uncertainty pass.

A rolling stone gathers no moss, but most of the moss grows on dead wood and besides the wandering bee gets the honey.

What in the world is “idle curiosity”? curiosity is anything but idle.

Don’t worry about what I do, don’t worry about what you do, just let the word worry take care of itself.

Soil is the furniture of both life and death.

The harvest of a quiet eye reaps plenty.

When God shuts a door he opens a window.

Be not simply good, be good for something.

You can take the boy out of the woods but you can never take the woods out of the boy.

Those who pay to see America, see an America that can be bought. Those that have no money to spend see and America that has no price.

Argue for your limitations and sure enough they are yours.

The search for happiness is the chief cause of unhappiness.

Life thirsts for you as often as you thirst for life.

Without climbing the steps called learning it will be impossible to reach the door called understanding and only by entering through  the door of understanding can you dwell in the house of enlightenment and only by dwelling in the house called enlightenment can you look through the window and find purpose in the world.

Why do they call it a new moon when there is no moon at all?

show me the one who listens to the brook even as the tempest breaks.

We must honor our plumbers as well as our philosophers, otherwise neither our pipes nor our theories will hold water.

If you look at a tree and just pass it by then it is only just a tree.

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

If you do not stand for something you will fall for anything.

He who is tired of everything will soon find that everything is tired of him.

Everyone pushes a falling fence.

Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall inherit what’s left.

My parents love children, they’d have given anything if I’d been one.

There are only two things we can hope to give our children. One is roots and the other is wings.

It is said that Colombus discovered America, but when he left he didn’t know where he was going, when he got there he didn’t know where he was, and when he returned to his home port he didn’t know where he had been.

An expert is someone who complicates the simple.

Faith is the doorway to miracles.

I think it is about time for all of us individualists to band together and present a united front against the fad fanatics.

Xerox never does anything original.

Must we always find a solution? Can’t we enjoy the probelm for awhile?

Mankind is born to live not to prepare for life.

Angles can fly because they take themselves lightly.

To a hungry man a crust of yesterdays bread tastes like cake.

Where does the white go when the snow melts?

Where does the light go when it goes out?

Can a blue man sing the whites?

Does the water ripple when a duck farts?

Has time snuck up and caught you yet?

Is it better later than never?

Love is patient, love is kind, love has ties that will not bind.

Only nieve people do not commit mistakes. To commit the same error twice is a mistake the first error is called learning.

I am happy now, its the stillness that fills me with peace.

Confusion is the beginning of knowledge.

Richness need not be counted, By means of money in the pocket, Richness can be added to the life, Of the wanderer and his feet.

A good poem or verse is one which takes you away to a wilderness of thought and guides you down the trail illuminating each bend as it comes, explaining each view as it manifests, and interpreting each smell, feeling, and sound as they approach.

It seems that we are most busy when we are not doing the one thing that we ought to be doing.

Passionate sinning has often been a prerequisite to sainthood.

The art of the wanderer is obvious in the light that  he has no home and thus he is equally at home everywhere H.D.Thoreau

In the cities and towns which in America abounds, you walk upon God’s green earth it is a trespasser you will be on some man’s newly owned property. You must stay on the road of economy.

To travel is better than to arrive.

All the world’s wisdom was once the heresy of a wise man.

Walking in seasons is a science.

For an impenetrable shield stand inside yourself.

God is a comedian but the people are afraid to laugh.

Earth, this is God, I want all you people to clear out by the end of the month, I have a client who is interested in the property.

I wasn’t going to say so, but I will defend to the  death right right to believe it.

If the world hates you remember, it hated me first. If you truly belonged to the world then the world would love you as it’s own. But I chose you from this world and you do not belong to it.

We cannot live without our sins, from  where else would our virtues arise?

To want is to need, to need is to want.

Human reality is not what it is an is what it is not.

You may spend your whole life searching for God only to find that He was always just where you were looking when you started your search.

The real meaning of a sentence is what’s found between the lines.

Even the laws of life obey life’s laws.

The one who disagrees is remembered far longer than the one who agrees.

Love is the circum-rotary pita pata buncapatition of the imma mata rata

The sin is not in the act it is in the desire. The act is physical, the wish or desire is spiritual. The act is merely fruitation of the desire.

I hear in the music of the birds, in the rushing water, in the magic of the Holy Word. I hear my God. I feel my God, I feel him in the raindrops on my cheek, my sould, the warmth of sunshine, in the dewfresh grass beneath my feet, I feel my God. I know my God, I see him everywhere,

Though I may posses one of the strongest or weakest of tempers, the dove of peace is forever above me.

Truth is the only thing that changes not, truth has no cause and yet, it is the cause of everything. Man is both truth and falsehood  strangely mixed.

I was not born to be forced, I shall breath after my own fashion.

…”And so there aint nothin more to write about and I’m rotten glad of it,  b’cause if I’d a knowed what trouble it’d been to write a book I wouldn’t a tacked it, and I aint going to no more. but, I reckon I got to light out for the territory ahead of the rest for Aunt Sally she aims to sivilise me and I can’t stand it. I been there before. Mark Twain

read the world of the woods and it shall win for you, the Nobel Prize.

Peace is when you have no wants and all that you had are given away.

Solitude is being on the trail as dew forms in the grass.

Freedom is one commodity which is not bought, not at bargain or discount prices, or given away. Freedom is not cheap. Freedom is not free.

Soil is not dirt, that’s on the cqrpet at home. Soil is the earth.

I have just as much a right to drive slowly as you have to drive fast.

I wish that we had no need for the word peace. If the word peace is part of our vocabulary then so to must the word war have been. sot to for quiet, joy love.

If it weren’t for the rocks in it’s bed a stream would have no song.


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